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Big Room House



Le nom de "Big Room House" provient du fait que la plupart des premiers morceaux de ce genre, cheval entre lElectro House et la Progressive House, taient jous lors de festivals.

En effet : les leads* de Big Room se caractrisent par lutilisation d'accords rverbrs et larges (couvrant beaucoup dharmoniques), y compris lors des breakdowns*, donnant une impression de vaste espace clos, do le terme big room . Une autre caractristique du genre est de mettre laccent sur le kick* en laccompagnant dune sub-bass* lors des drops*, donnant ainsi aux drops un aspect volontairement minimaliste.

Il sagit du style de musique lectronique le plus cout en soire ou en festival dans le monde, raflant toutes les premires places des ventes (notamment sur Beatport), mais il est fortement dnonc comme tant une impasse la crativit et la diffrenciation.

The name "Big Room House" comes from the fact that most of the first pieces of this kind, which straddles the Electro House and the Progressive House, were played at festivals.

Indeed: leads of Big Room are characterized by the use of broad reverberated chords (covering a lot of harmonics), including during the breakdowns*, which brings an impression of large enclosed area, hence the term "big room". Another feature of the genre is to focus on the kick* by accompanying it with a sub-bass during the drops*, giving drops a deliberately minimalist aspect.

This is the style of electronic music the most listened to in parties or at festivals in the world, sitting on top of all the sales charts (including on Beatport), but strongly denounced as a dead end for creativity and differentiation .

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